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Business coaching is defined as a process of engaging in meaningful communication with individuals in businesses, organizations, institutions or governments, with the goal of promoting success at all levels of the organization by affecting the actions of those individuals (World Association of Business Coaches, 2007). Inherently, this philosophy is engraved in the L.E.A. P.S. business coaching model. In this regard, the most successful approaches to business to business coaching incorporate significant consideration of relational dynamics between the triad of coach, coachee, and organization, and focus on the coaching relationship and its systemic interface with the business environment (Kahn, 2011).

Due to the sheer diversity of business enterprises which exist, we have chosen at L.E.A.P.S. to employ integrative strategies which are developed and structured based on each organization's empirical situational analysis. At L.E.A.P.S we employ what is known as "Coaching on the Axis" (Kahn, 2011, p.195). Dialogical communication is engaged in conjunction with an axial orientation with a view of identifying, differentiating and eventually developing both innate and emotional intelligence.

Program Objectives

During your L.E.A.P.S. interactive experience, you will learn to:

  • Conduct clinical job profile assessments for job function specificity
  • Get an overview of nuances associated with organizational climate and culture
  • Acquire knowledge of how the organization vision, mission and core values affect performance
  • Recognize the business leadership phases through which all leaders progress and anticipate the hurdles that cause us to stumble
  • Develop insight into your own leadership identity and behaviors
  • Begin incorporating the characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership into your own business leadership identity
  • Identify and fortify your personal combination of knowledge, skill, and discipline to enhance your business leadership capital
  • Improve your individual and group decision-making skills
  • Articulate the key differences between management and leadership, and identify the distinct skills and disciplines of each
  • Improve your ability to draw the right lessons from your experience
  • Develop an action plan to continue to lead more effectively and to grow your personal business leadership capabilities

Who Should Attend L.E.A.P.S. Business Coaching?

This dynamic L.E.A.P.S. experience will benefit senior-level business leaders responsible for growing their businesses, their teams, and themselves. It is designed to help you recognize and leverage your existing leadership assets as well as to take action on growing new capabilities. If you will be more than 5 minutes late, please notify us before our schedule appointment as our booking schedule of often tight and hectic. Also, do your absolute best to complete every commitment you make to yourself and your coach to the best of your ability. Remember it is a commitment, and personal integrity is critical to success.

Every client should be honest and open with their coach regarding any struggles that you are having since each revelation will determine the path chosen and the pace at which we should progress.

Also, remember that open sincere communication is critical to achieving your personal growth and development. Finally, remember your coach is on your side and helping you reach your personal life goals is our objective.

Who Should Attend?

The L.E.A.P.S. Business Coaching Value Proposition Objectives.

In today's turbulent business world, most companies find themselves in a complex competitive environment in which the formulation and execution of corporate strategies are more critical than ever before.

This personal interactive business coaching presents cutting-edge content and strategies aimed at achieving personal and corporate success. Clients or coachees will learn techniques to better understand the competitive structure of an industry and a company's value proposition for competitive advantage. Entry, positioning, pricing, new venture, technology, diversification, scope, and vertical integration decisions will at times be discussed primarily to paint a contextual picture for your coach. The organizational issues associated with effectively developing and implementing strategies will also be discussed.

In the case of one-on-one coaching sessions, self- exploration and disclosure will be encouraged.

Our Private/Executive coaching program has been tested and proven time and time again, so when you partner with L.E.A.P.S. you will get results in the areas that you identify as critical to your business success. We will assist you in re-allocating your time, getting organized, sharpening your leadership skills, improving your overall business leadership skills.

The Lesson Plan

  • Session 1: Introduction to Personal Leadership Insight

    60 Minute Session
    - What does great leadership look like?
    - The four phases of the leadership journey
    - What is the difference between a leader and a manager?
    - How and why do leaders have such influence?

  • Session 4: Introduction to Coaching on the Axis

    75 Minute Session
    - The dialogic approach to organizational alignment, integration and improved performance
    - The dimensional paradigm shift from management tasks to leadership influence
    - The effective leadership and facilitation of team decision-making
    - How does the process of decision-making influence its outcomes?
    - What is the leader�s role in getting to better decisions?

  • Session 7: The Axial Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

    90 Minute Session
    - Enlarging your conversation
    - Examining a few interpersonal communication nuances on the axis
    - The Dialogic Listening Model
    - The Empathic Listening Model
    - The Degenerative Communication Spiral
    - Removing the communication walls and barriers
    - Forming Social Groups through Identity formation

  • Session 2: Understanding Your Unique Business Environment

    60 Minute Session
    - What is your business context? (Business model, strategy, market forces etc.)
    - Examination of the internal and external organizational cultures and climates
    - An overview of relationship networks and human capital management
    - The team leadership paradigm and its benefits to your bottom line

  • Session 5: Coaching on the Axis for Relationship Return on Investment

    75 Minute Session
    - Creating a framework for team decision-making t that build relationships
    - Developing a win-win strategy for both individual and the business
    - Motivating and inspiring people through transformational leadership
    - Building an equity fund through daily relationship deposits
    - Gaining awareness and finding agreement between individuals and the organizational culture

  • Session 8: A Call to Action

    90 Minute Session
    - Leadership behaviors that drove you during the coaching experience and plans for growing your capabilities moving forward
    - Leveraging your leadership gifts to provide equity for the business
    - Discussion of your unique set of leadership assets
    -Sharing stories of how this experience has impacted your paradigms
    - Taking action to develop personal and professional strategic action plans
    - Formulating solution-oriented business objectives
    - What is the next step to ensure accountability?

  • Session 3: Building the Business Coaching Relationship

    Minute Session
    - The 360-degree interview and feedback processes (self-disclosure)
    - Introduction of coaches personal psychology, competence and history
    - Work history and resume review and assessment
    - Review of personality profiling, intelligence assessments, and competency-based assessments

  • Session 6: Coaching Interventions the Coachee Empowerment

    75 Minute Session
    - The Leadership empowerment paradigm
    - The utilization of effectual logic in the decision-making process
    - Leadership behaviors and disciplines of successful decision-makers
    - Business coaching is not consulting
    - Goal-setting, action phases, and empowerment

  • Session 9: Moving From Business Coaching To Executive Coaching

    90 Minute Session
    - Reinforcing the shift from the management paradigm to the leadership paradigm
    - Leadership behaviors that drove you during the course and plans for growing your capabilities moving forward
    - Discovering your innate (IQ) and motivational (EQ) dimensions of leadership
    - Discussion of your unique set of leadership assets
    - Working towards a Total Brain Leadership (TBL) philosophy (left brain/ analytic vs. right brain/ relational)
    - Gaining the leadership edge through Emotional Intelligence development
    - Identification and integration of the five components of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill).

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