Cancellation Policy

A canceled appointment affects our ability to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for our professional services. If you must cancel a booked session, we MUST be given at least 48 hours' notice. I am rarely able to fill a canceled session unless I know at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance. If you fail to provide at least 48 hours (2 days) WRITTEN notice in the event that you need to cancel an appointment, you will be charged the full fee for your agreed booked session; except in the case of an unforeseen emergency.

At L.E.A.P.S. we define emergencies as severe illness, a car accident, or death in the family. For situations like childcare issues, mild illness, work conflict or such general concerns; we offer a phone session as an alternative for our face-to-face clients during their scheduled appointment time. Likewise, I also hold myself accountable as your therapists/coach depending on your specific service need.

If I as your therapist/coach double book, or am more than 15 minutes late for your booked session, that session will be provided FREE OF CHARGE as an act of mutual commitment, accountability, and reciprocity. (Please be advised that insurance companies do not usually reimburse for missed appointments.)