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Leadership Empowerment and Psychological Services Inc.

Dr. John E. N. Daniel

A visionary with a burning desire to coach, empower, develop, and assist persons from all walks of life to attain their maximum potential and fulfill their life purpose and destiny.

I offer clients a unique, integrated, and eclectic therapeutic approach.

I provide a safe and confidential environment for my clients who are in crisis. They value my therapeutic approach because my communication style is warm, caring, ethical, empathetic, practical, purpose-driven, growth-oriented, and life-changing. As an "eclectic clinician" I provide change-oriented, adaptable & cost-effective interventions for EVERY client.

My specialties include: life coaching, family conflict, relationship issues, premarital & marital therapy, depression & Trauma/PTSD. I help clients achieve better-coping skills, stress & anger management, work-life balance, and emotional stability in a safe, trusted, and confidential environment. Using psychoeducation and diverse tool-kits, I help clients seeking recovery, healing, direction, & accountability by helping them self-discover their core values, destiny, life purpose, self-worth, and untapped potential. BOOK YOUR SESSION & EMBARK ON YOUR JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION!

- Dr. John E. N. Daniel

  • 1. Coaching

    - Personal Life Coaching
    - Executive Leadership Coaching
    - Middle-management coaching
    - Education and Career Coaching
    - Team Coaching
    - Spiritual Coaching

  • 2. Counseling

    - Crisis Counseling and Grief Therapy
    - Tele-counseling
    - One-on-one counseling
    - Video counseling
    - Pastoral Counseling

  • 3. Consultation

    - Corporate
    - Business
    - Industrial
    - Government
    - Education
    - Christian

Personal Counseling & Business Leadership Support with Locations Tampa & Orlando, Florida

Leadership Empowerment and Psychological Services (L.E.A.P.S.) offers a "full" range of high-impact leadership development and training, leadership empowerment services. We also provide individual, family, and group counseling & coaching services for children, teenagers, adolescents, and of course adults. Our team of highly trained professionals is a cohesive group of relational, congenial, trustworthy, and confidential specialists capable of providing leadership and therapeutic services to a diverse global clientele.

Mastermind Training

If you're aiming for a career as a mental health professional, I can guide you through my program to unlock & maximize your potential.

Life Coaches come from diverse Backgrounds

L.E.A.P.S. contends that Life coaches and personal coaches come from diverse backgrounds and professions. Not surprisingly, coaches tend to like people, and many coaches possess above-average human relations skills.

Certified Leadership Coach

What is Coaching?

At L.E.A.P.S. we believe that coaching necessitates training. In this regard, it is synonymous with what is often seen in the sporting arena with respect to the coaching discipline. Just as the sports coach prepares sportspeople for a match, the coach in his or her role must prepare, equip, and empower clients to make...

Voted "#1 Leader in Business" by the American Management Association

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Locations in Tampa, FL & Orlando, FL

Dr. John E. N. Daniel

The mission of L.E.A.P.S. is to transform and enrich the quality of its clients’ lives through leadership empowerment and development, the implementation of proven evidenced-based clinical therapeutic interventions, and the execution of purpose-driven and achievable life coaching principles.

  • Human Services Professional
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Leadership & Education Specialist
  • Business Consultant

  • "Dr. John is a gifted and passionate life coach. I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable, kind and effective life coach."

    "Dr. John has helped me understand my strengths and weakness and how to embrace them. He has helped me to think clearly about the changes I needed to make in my life and career. His professionalism, integrity, and quality of coaching set him apart among his peers. I would readily, highly recommend Dr. John to any person, group, or business seeking insight, clarity, and direction."

    - Deborah V, Fayetteville, NC, USA.

  • “I want to thank you for your great valuable Christian coaching support and needed prayers that you have been putting in."

    "I see God bringing you from where you are to where He is, to place you in a great place of perfect honour in Jesus name Amen. You will see God do in your life and destiny what He is doing. You are in for a great surprise from God. Your mouth will never lack great testimonies. Your life will never lack God's never-ending Provision. Continue to stay connected to Him and Christian coaching."

    - Rev. Evangelist Aforen I, United Arab Emirates.

  • "My interaction with Coach Dr. John over the years socially, business discussions, religious or world affairs has left me with positive observations."

    "He is eloquent, well rounded, knowledgeable, and conscientious. A great team player, life, Christian and executive leadership coach"

    - Roy P, Financial Manager, Retired Lt. Colonel US Air Force New York Guard Logistics Squadron Commander Budget Officer.

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