Career Coaching

Career Coaching for Transforming Old Paradigms into New Possibilities for Results

Virtually all of us today have direct experience with the traditional social contract paradigm between employee and employer that has expired from the workplace.

Loyalty no longer means job security and with a declining job market. It has become the norm for people in some cultures to change careers, change jobs multiple times during their working lives.

L.E.A.P.S. has the competencies, expertise and professionalism to provide one-on-one coaching and training to corporate executives, leaders and managers, salespeople, clerical and admin workers from all walks of life. For these organizations and individuals, coaching and training opened and unleashed entirely new ways of seeing things - a new perception, new insights, new paradigms and actions that produced life changing transformational results.

Career Coaching for Today's Complex World

Questions and concerns in the area of career are obviously important for the vast majority of us. Not only is our ability to sustain ourselves and our family at stake, but we are also dealing centrally with issues of identity. Many of us identify ourselves very strongly with our careers and our jobs. As such, who I "am" has a great deal to do with what I "do." The possibility of changing careers also involves practical considerations related to finance, location and logistics. Issues tied to career significantly impact moods and emotions as they relate to our standards and goals, core beliefs and values as well as personal perceptions of ourselves.

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L.E.A.P.S.' Approach to Career Coaching

L.E.A.P.S. approaches career coaching with an understanding about the impact of a career on making a living, identity perception, moods and emotions, and practical considerations related to marketing, finance, operations, location and logistics.

Coaching in this area is all about listening, exploring and sharing concerns and opportunities. Fundamentally, it is important to gain clarity about what is really important and why it's important to the coachee. In short, priorities must be mutually agreed upon. Career coaching involves taking a look at the coachee's personal vision, core beliefs, and understanding about building effective relationships. Other concepts to explore include the difference between having a job and building a career.

Through career coaching, L.E.A.P.S. helps its clients explore new possibilities available to them by making diverse choices - a new way of thinking and acting for achieving profound, transformational results in the domain of career. Through a personal coaching relationship, clients also acquire revolutionary interpersonal communication skills and tools which lead to effective leadership empowerment.

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