Executive Business Coaching

For Enhancing Performance and Results in the Workplace

As a CEO or business owner, you are responsible for the overall performance and results of your organization. With this mind a number of pertinent questions arise:

  • Do you understand the significance of developing a strategic plan?

  • Is there a difference between long-range planning and strategic planning?

  • What is the difference between an organization's vision and mission?

  • What are core values?

  • Would you like to more effectively bring about meaningful and positive changes in your leadership team's performance and productivity?

  • Would you like to improve your ability to shape your company's vision, climate and culture?

  • Are you a market leader or follower?

  • Is there is a difference between production and productivity? If so, what makes them different?

  • Would you like to effect meaningful changes in your chosen leaders, staff members, and your organization; thereby enhancing organizational performance and productivity?

  • Is there a scientific way to conduct an organizational systems analysis?

Leadership Empowerment and Psychological Services (L.E.A.P.S) has the core-competencies to provide one-on-one coaching and training to both marketplace and religious leaders.

Within the marketplace, corporate executives, managers, and leaders of diverse organizations are trained and equipped ranging from small businesses and conglomerates. The demand for coaching and training continues to increase on a global scale as proactive business entities begin to recognize the substantial benefits that can be derived from our high impact and result-oriented transformational leadership training and development programs.

Who Can Benefit From Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is all about effective leadership. With L.E.A.P.S., leaders and managers are coached to accomplish their desired organizational results through leadership empowerment. At the fulcrum of this initiative is patiently and accurately assessing individual personalities and gifts using various proven assessment tools including the DISC and MBTI instruments just to mention a few.

It short, our focus is on sustaining leadership development throughout the careers of the corporate executive, middle manager, or highly motivated employee. In this regard, executive coaching can facilitate inconceivable paradigm shifts for executives and aspiring executives; who are somehow less effective than they desire to be. In other words, we will coach each individual to develop their own strategic vision and thereby chart a course aimed at achieving personal and organizational fulfillment, purpose, and destiny.

Beginning your Executive Coaching Experience

As you begin your executive coaching with L.E.A.P.S., we will work with you to clarify what is most important to you, your perception of obstacles or barriers, as well as the unique gifts and strengths that you bring to your role as a leader or manager.

Through this coaching relationship, we will collectively agree on where you are and where you desire to g. Moreover, we will diagnose what has worked well and what has not in your specific sphere of influence. In this process, we will also introduce to you a powerful, new way of understanding both "interpersonal" and "intrapersonal" communication, and how to apply these new approaches and nuances to bring about authentic transformation and enrichment in your personal life and career.

L.E.A.P.S.'s role as your coach will be to make observations and share new distinctions in five major areas that are most important for the success of your organization in the 21st century.

In coaching, we explore internal as well as external conversations...because not all conversations are created equal. In this way of understanding, the internal conversations are often at least as important as the conversations we have with others, because they serve as the background. In other words, the context of the conversation should be carefully examined. In this regard, a number of nuances pertaining to effective interpersonal and intrapersonal communication are examined and delineated. This process is conducted with a view to optimize organizational performance. In sum, WE ACHIEVE RESULTS THROUGH CLINICAL COACHING! The resulting clarity and self- awareness is the starting point for truly meaningful changes in yourself and your effectiveness as a leader, as well as the culture and climate of your organization.

Why are these five domains so important?

  • Self-discovery
  • The creation of a safe environment
  • Trust building
  • Empowerment
  • Growth

They are foundational for sustainable relationship building, the optimization of productivity, and the achievement of above-average performance in the workplace. Moreover, they have the potential to be developed both individually and corporately. However, on a corporate level, they have the capacity to achieve synergy. In turn, synergy acts as a catalyst for sustainable change and growth. Sustainable change in the corporate culture, human behavior, and performance results in a seamless progression to growth.

Transformational Executive Coaching with L.E.A.P.S.

A good coach sees things that the person being coached often doesn't see. That's the value of the coach - he or she sees something different, and then tactically allows the coachee to "self-discover." Irrespective to the nature of the coaching assignment, i.e. whether it be in one's personal life, sports or business; the effective coach is trained how to make the necessary observations, create a "safe environment" through tenacious trust building and confidentiality. The proficient executive leadership coach also acts as a perceptive and creative facilitator in the process of coaching; thereby achieving seamless character development and personal empowerment.

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